Idea Crowdsourcing in Public Sector – Proof-of-Concept Study

Miroslav Mađarić


Following the most innovative cities of the world, City of Zagreb started in February 2017 the pilot project “Zagreb – Innovative City”. Pilot project is aimed to prove that the advance of the communication between the city administration and public (citizens, experts, businesses) is possible via social media network for crowdsourcing of innovative ideas. Implementation of the service gathering and converting ideas to beneficial projects should improve:
• services for the citizens as well as
• city administration efficiency.
The application was developed in March 2017 and run as a pilot, intended to be a “proof-of-concept” during the period for three months (April-June 2017).
Three areas of experimentation with consequent test outcomes were foreseen:
1. Level of public engagement – proved to be sufficient
2. Responsiveness of city structures in term of efficiency and effectiveness – demonstrated substantial improvement potential
3. Technological capability check – both development and operating were fully successful
The evidence for City of Zagreb responsiveness improvement potential is the fact that in the pilot project three months course not a one idea - among almost 200 submitted in total – was streamlined as an official city project. As conclusion the author brings three main recommendations areas for implementing permanent service of idea crowdsourcing, stressing as very positive the acceptance of implementing this innovative project by the City of Zagreb.


innovation, ideas, crowdsourcing, social media, public sector

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